Note: These are Tibetan Buddhist holy days, not public days at Kunzang Gatshal. For public occasions see the events section of the website.


Daily Morning Practice Schedule, starting at 8 AM:


Ngondro and Three Roots Gyunkhyers



Weekly Practice Schedule, daily 6 PM until 10 PM:


Monday: Vajrasattva (Dorsem Lama Chodpa)


Tuesday: Throma (Alternating Medium and Short version)


Wednesday: Shower of Blessings


Thursday: Vajrakilaya (Putri Rekpung)


Friday: Tshokye Tuktik


Saturday: Khandro Tuktik


Sunday: Dorje Drollo

Disclaimer: Kunzang Gatshal is not a public retreat center. It is a private retreat land.

With the exception of events explained on this site, please respect this privacy. Thank you.